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Porodo Wireless Keyboard With Touch-Pad

13.90 OMR

Compatible With Mac/Windows
78 Keys Keyboard Layout
10m Working Distance
8 Minutes Sleep Time
Touchpad Mouse
Bluetooth 5.0
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Porodo Wireless Keyboard comes with an attached Touchpad. this lightweight product can be carried around without any effort. You can have two options in one product, a keyboard, and a mouse. The built-in Bluetooth version 5.0 function allows the devices to easily connect to any laptop, PC, and smart device.
The touchpad has been designed on the right side of the keyboard, and it is enough stylish to make you feel good when you are using it. You can use one finger to click left and tap two fingers for right-click, tap one finger and use another finger for drag, use two fingers for the mouse wheel so you can scroll up and down, scratch two-finger to zoom in and out. By the sleeping time option, you can be sure that you will have a durable, long-life battery.
To connect the keyboard to the device Switch on the keyboard, press the “fn+c” button, then you will see the blue led flash. Bluetooth is looking for the paired device then open computer/iPad Bluetooth, start to search device, find “BT-TP KB PORODO”, click it to connect, input the code shown on the screen, then press Enter key, connect success.


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