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Porodo Gaming Professional RGB Condenser Microphone

14.90 OMR

  • Capsule Diameter: 16mm
  • Polar Pattern: Uni-Directional
  • Power Supply: 5+ / -0.25V
  • Operating Current: 30-100mA
  • Sensitivity: -40+/-3dB
  • Cable Length: 2 Meters
  • Sampling Rate: 48k / 16 Bit
  • Max SPL: 110dB
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If you are a gamer or a musician, the Porodo Consdenser Microphone is a beneficial addition to your to your other equipments as now you can record crystal clear sounds. The Porodo Microphone is well know for offering studio quality sound owing thanks ot the 16mm capsule diameter. So, now you can record your voice at your own space without the need of any other equipment. Also, the microphone comes with an extension stand which can be adjusted in according to your needs. Furthermore, the RGB lights can give you a studio effect and bring light to your room. Lastly, the microphone allows a cable extension of 2 meters which indeed gives you the freedom of space to move around the microphone as desired.


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