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PORODO Gaming Desk PDX513

59.00 OMR

  • Product: Gaming E-Sports Gaming Desk
  • Model: PDX513-BK
  • Desk Weight: 17Kg
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Dimensions: 140*60*75 Cm
  • Rubber Mousepad: 70*60*0.2 Cm
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Way more from all you need and just all you want, to have a gaming time and enjoy your game, with E-Sports Gaming Desk, enjoy RGB lighting panel, cable management box to organize your cables, headphone mount, and other features, feel comfortable.
The materials will amaze you, carbon fiber design will bring a fashionable type of desk for gaming and will make your desk much cool and stylish also with cup holder, management box, and headphone mount using your desk will never be boring for you so, start to play professionally.
The desk is equipped with a headphone hook and cup holder at the side, which is easy to reach for drinking and listening. Also, it has a cord collector under the desk, which is convenient to collect various wires and cords to make your room more commodious.
There won’t be a tangled mess under the desk anymore.
This gaming desk has been designed with waterproof material and you can easily drink anything that you want without worrying about any liquid touching the desk. RGB lighting panel on the sides of the gaming desk will make a pure gaming atmosphere for you especially at the night.
It will provide you with a more convenient gaming and working environment.


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